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Developing a 6 Month Buying Plan: The Process


Problem statement

Create a 6 month buying plan for the artificial, luxury department store known as Perry's. Given last years numbers, project either an increase or decrease and develop a 6 month plan with justifications.



My partner and I took this process step by step. We first worked on monthly sales and thought of what kind of micro and macro environmental factors could impact these. We projected a 2% increase shown in our overall sales justification. We then worked on markdowns, beginning of month inventory, and planned purchases. The process took a while and we had to make a good amount of revisions to make sure the plan was attainable and realistic. My role in this project was doing the math, and my partner helped with some of the justifications and putting the numbers into our sheets. 



We compiled a folder of excel sheets with all of our work, however, I screenshotted these and compiled them into a pdf so it's easier to view for this purpose. Linked above, is our full 6-month plan including justifications.

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