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Creating Advertisements: The Process


Problem statement

Create advertisements that achieves the listed goal, and attracts an audience that follows the acronym "SUCCES'. We needed to keep in mind advertisements that are simple, unexpected, concrete, credible, emotional, and have a story are typically most successful. I have included two of my favorite assignments within this class.

PROMPT ONE: Greyhound is a bus line that has a bad reputation. The goal is to create an About Me page for Greyhounds website that encourages people to take the bus line next time they want to travel.  

PROMPT TWO: Create a radio advertisement for Potomac Mills. It should convince people that this mall is a fun place to go and will provide an experience. 



For these prompts, we had to be creative and create 5 advertisements, each with a distinction. We then chose one to hang on the wall to be graded by all of our peers. I came face to face with the dreaded creative block many times and found this process to be very difficult in the beginning but become easier over time.


PROMPT ONE: For this scenario, I tried to analyze other companies about me pages to see what made them so special. I decided I could go a different number of routes with this. I realized when it comes to traveling, I personally associate an emotional connection. Therefore, I decided the best way to capture my audience was to use emotion. When looking through my scripts you will also find some include transparency. This is seen when a company knows and admits their faults. This makes them seem more credible and trustworthy. My winning script is the first in the PDF and talks about the reason why we board a greyhound, creating an emotional connection to the audience. 

PROMPT TWO: When creating a radio advertisement you have to be careful and remember that there are no visuals. You must convey your message with only words and rely heavily on SFX. I immediately felt excited with this prompt, as this girl knows the mall. After working retail in the mall for two years, I've seen and heard what drives people into the mall. I first tried focusing on the entertainment aspects of Potomac Mills, and how there is something for everyone regardless of their age. However, my winning script is something I believe all of us encounter at some point, as I always see customers facing the same thing. It's the little angel and devil on your shoulders when you're shopping. I think we all know the feeling when we know we shouldn't be buying something but that little devil wins and next thing we know we swiped our card. I chose this one as it felt relatable and could be portrayed the way I wanted over the radio.



The listed scripts reflect the creative process. In each of these sets of scipts, I found that many of them I do not care for, and would not show anyone. However, only in failure do you find sucess. Instead of just included the script I submitted for grading, I feel that it would be best to include all of them to reflect that it is truly a process. 

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