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Creating a Garment of Duct TapeThe Process


Problem statement

Create a garment of choice using duct tape. 



For this project, I immediately knew that I wanted to create a top. However, I first needed to find inspiration and develop a plan. I decided I wanted to create a garment based on 1940's Pin-Up girls. I also wanted this top to be wearable and fit realistically so I borrowed my roommate for the process. I had her hold bra padding that I cut out of an old swimsuit and began placing the tape with the sticky side out. After I created a base I used a patterned tape and began placing this on top. Once I got the desired shape, I added ribbon and a bow. I then wondered how I was going to even get this piece off of my roommate, so I then created a slit in the back, used a hole puncher and created a corset-like back.This made the top easy to take on and off, and adjustable. 



I created a wearable garment using only duct tape and ribbon. 

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