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Developing a Fashion

Forecast: The Process


Problem statement

After analyzing today's zeitgeist and learning how to predict trends, create a fashion forecast for the Spring/Summer season of 2020. 



My partner and I developed a forecast surrounding the theme of Escapism. The current zeitgeist is one of chaos and fear surrounding the current climate of division, political unrest, health-related fears, environmental fears, and social tension. This is because of issues such as climate change, gun control, police brutality, and the presidential election. These elements have caused people to look for ways, now more than ever, to escape the troubles of daily life. Escapism is the avoidance of unpleasant, boring, arduous, scary, or banal aspects of daily life. Naturally, humans look for ways to tune out or cope with their harsh reality, regardless of the current zeitgeist. Today, we bury ourselves in things like social media, video streaming, drugs and alcohol, festivals and partying, travel, and forms of art as a desire to escape our reality.



 Together, we developed a google slideshow. We researched the psychology of color to determine the color palette. 

Used critical thinking to visualize who our target market is, and chose fabrics that would encapture our theme. We also created 2 streetwear looks, 2 runway looks, and some key items for the forecast. We chose these based on research and our target consumer. All of the slides were created through photoshop. 

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