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Developing a Mens Tech-Wear Line:

The Process


Problem statement

Fully develop and create a menswear brand that is functional and incorporates technology. The brand must be thought out including target demographic, concept, inspiration, color palette, illustrations, line sheet, textiles, floor plan, marketing techniques, and 3d rendering of an outfit in the collection. 



This project was within a group but was by far my favorite. My team and I created something that I am so tremendously proud of. With that being said, when given this assignment we had hardships when developing the concept. We wanted to differentiate ourselves, and settled on a concept of illumination. Garments that light up, giving a twist on technical mens fashion. After constant name changing and revising we settled on KAI: THE INNOVATIVE INTERSECTIONALITY OF THE ILLUMINATION BETWEEN THE UNDEFINED AND ABSTRACTION.


Throughout the process we became clearer on what we were developing and this began fueling our fire. We started with sketches. All of us sketched out garments and a critic; Greg Rosborough selected which ones should be in the collection. Three of mine are seen in the final product. We then began using illustrator to bring the garments to life and our designer in the group revised and made them to what you will see in the presentation. We all worked together when developing colors, textiles, consumer data, and creating trims. I was given the job of creating the floor plan which you will see in slide 22. I created a brick and mortar location that I believe reflects the brands personality. 



At the end of the semester we finally complied every piece of work into a presentation to present to our critic as well as the fashion faculty. We presented our ideas and how KAI was going to change the menswear industry with intricate high end garments that feature an illumination effect. I believe in our idea, and would want to make it a reality after the hard work put into this project. 

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