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Line Sheet DevelopmentThe Process


Problem statement

Select a country of choice, create an inspiration board, and then draw colors and images from this. Next, use illustrator to create 6 different patterns featuring these colors and images. Then, develop silhouettes using InDesign, inspired by the brand Mara Hoffman. Lastly, color these silhouettes with the patterns created, and then put all pieces together into a line sheet. 



This project took a lot of effort and was by far one of my favorites.  When choosing a country, I decicded on one that I didnt know much about. I selected Indonesia and then began drawing images that reflected this area and culture. After I put enough images together for the inspiration board, I used a color picker and drew 6 colors. I then selected the 6 images that I wanted to use and traced them from the board. These images included a seated buddha, a dragon, a flower, a skyscraper, a temple, and a dancing figure. I then took to Illustrator to begin creating my patterns. I played with scale, my colors and images of choice, and then added smaller details such as lines, dots, and smaller shapes. Once my patterns were developed I took to Mara Hoffman's website. I began tracing some silhouettes I found and then adding different elements. For example, I would use an alike neckline of a shirt and turn it into a dress. Once I was finished with my silhouettes, I added my patterns and color. Lastly, I settled on the name for my line, "No Restraints". As the items I created were flowy and gave a bohemian feel as it was inspired by Mara Hoffman. 



My end outcome was a inspiration board, including 6 colors and 6 images. I created a pattern board with 6 distinctive patterns each with 2 different color schemes, creating 12 in total. I lastly created a line sheet, which all are featured above. 

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