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Fashion Through the Decades: The Process 


Problem statement

Analyze the Victorian Age and the 1900's- 1950's. For each time period list significant events, notable designers, and important characteristics of dress. Then choose three key items of the decade, describe them, and select a real image of the piece for women's daywear, women's eveningwear, menwear, and acessories. 



For each time period, I did historical research and reviewed notes taken in class to note the events that occurred. For my key items, I reviewed my textbook, online sources, and notes taken to decide what items to describe for each time period. I used many museums to find real images of the pieces, as it became to difficult to find them anywhere else. Overall, this process was pretty tedious but fun to look at how fashion changes throughout time. 



Created and designed a word document that reflects each time period and the different fashions that came along with it. 

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