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Rebranding Patagonia:

The Process


Problem statement

Select any brand and reposition it to attract a different target market. 



After my team contemplated the problem, we decided to choose Patagonia as our brand. Their current position in the market limits their availability and potential to reach a broader target audience. Patagonia’s main target market consists of those who connect with their mission statement and purpose, “Build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to protect nature, and to not be bound by convention” (Patagonia Inc., 2019). While many consumers can appreciate their mission statement and core values, the company itself seems to only target those consumers who consider themselves outdoor enthusiasts and value high-quality ethical products. What Patagonia has not done, is try to market their company towards a younger generation who is fashion-forward, yet also holds ethical manufacturing standards at the top of their priority list.



We developed a  paper, made advertisements, and created a slideshow to present this information. We included a situation analysis,   a SWOT analysis, Communication objectives, financial objectives, target audience, positioning strategy, a selected spokesperson, and lastly, we created advertisements. My role within this project was to analyze the strengths & weaknesses within the swot analysis, develop our financial objective, accessed our promotional mix, and wrote on the strategies behind our advertisements.

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