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Understanding Adobe Photoshop: The Process


Problem statement

Take an image and create 3 distinctive versions of it using photoshop.



I used an image of Audrey Hepburn and decided to give her 3 different lives. I decided to give her a punk edit, an alien edit, and a glamorous edit. I've included many different details in each to reflect my understanding of photoshop and play along with each creative theme. 

For example, I added a face tattoo, gauges, a mohawk, and tongue piercing in the punk edit. For the Alien edit, I distorted the face, extending the nose and creating "Shrek-like" ears. I added an astronaut in the space background, along with the American flag. I made all of her skin green and gave her orange eyebrows that match ed the color of her hair. For the glamour edit, I created the body myself, gave her a tiara, earrings, and a necklace. I added makeup and bronzed her face. I changed her hair into an updo, and gave her a glittery background. Each of these versions has its own creative process, and I've included each step taken in the final project listed above. 



Learned photoshop and created 3 distintive themes for each edited image I created. I then had them formally printed and placed them on a foam board. 

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