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Mara Hoffman

I have chosen to use Mara Hoffman as my brand this semester. I related to her style and was attracted to the bright, fun colors she uses within her line. Many of her pieces include a high neckline and she frequently incorporates bows. Her line includes “simpler, textural pieces that accentuate the human form, highlighting powerful feminine aesthetics.” (Hoffman).  Mara Hoffman is also highly known for her swimwear line featuring many geometric patterns and an array of vivid colors. Many of her popular prints reappear various times throughout her site as well as the styles. The patsy dress as seen below is  a reoccurring interesting, bold print. She also includes a bow across the chest of many of her pieces, expressing a very feminine look. The pictures I have included stood out to me due to their prints and/or style. 

Hoffman, Mara . “Mara Hoffman Official Site | Shop Mara Hoffman.” Main Website, Accessed 12 Sept. 2017.

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