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Product Review

The styles seen above I found could benefit from an update for Fall/Winter 2018. Each one could incorporate my patterns in some way, making them appear more vibrant than before. For the Aura Pant, I would turn it into a tie-waist wide leg which will be trending within the season we are targeting. I believe that wide leg pants can include vibrant and interesting prints such as mine. I wouldn’t change much to the Sarong, but I am interested in creating a head-wrap rather than focusing on a swim suit cover up. I think the head wraps bring in a cultural aspect and would fit in well with a line I visualize. For the Rosie Skirt, I would update the style into a raw maxi skirt. I want the styles to be very flowing and loose fitting to go along with my patterns. The Estela Sweater is a little different and I think would be harder to involve one of my patterns. I would use the least vibrant of the ones I created, but it definitely would still stand out. I don’t think this style needs an update just because it’s a basic essential. For the Berta Dress, I would update the style into a full shirt dress with bell sleeves. Seeing that the product already has a vibrant pattern, I though I could also use it within the line. Lastly, I would turn the Grace Jumpsuit into a Boilersuit that cuts off at the ankles. The style is interesting and along with the others mentioned, are predicted to be popular in the Fall/Winter season of 2018/19.


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