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WGSN Future Trends

When analyzing prints and graphics that’ll likely be a trend in the Fall/Winter of 2018/2019, I found some prints that would connect with my brand, Mara Hoffman. They are split into 4 distinct themes, dark wonder, the thinker, humanature, and worldhood. I notice a lot of dark colors, which is to be expected during these seasons. Floral patterns are reoccurring, and I found these to be interesting. When thinking of floral, I connect that to spring instead of fall but with the use of darker colors, I feel that the prints make it work. Many of the dark wonder graphics reminds me of Mara Hoffman includes neon, bright blue and pink flowers on a black background (as depicted below.) I found the same trends when reviewing the textiles, and I found that Mara Hoffman could also connect to the worldhood category because of the brighter color palette. When I think of her brand, I think of fun and brighter colors. These are seen in many of the dark wonder and worldhood prints and textiles.

Looking into the women’s wear category, I found trends that’ll likely affect Mara Hoffman. The first I found was of a full shirt dress. The dresses include bell sleeves and cinched waistlines. They have a bohemian vibe that would fit in well with my brand. Another trend I found was a folk volume shirt. The style involved balloon sleeves with a high neckline and a ruffled hemline. It was simple yet intricate and made me thing of many of Mara Hoffman’s other pieces. Lastly, I was drawn to slashed crop trousers. These involve an elastic waistband and flare out around the calves. I’ve already noticed this trend coming into popularity and a majority of Mara Hoffman’s bottoms include the loose, baggy bottoms. (All of these trends are picture below. )

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