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Developing a Buisness Plan: The Process


Problem statement

Create a product of choice for a pop-up shop that'll open during the summer. Explain what the product is, conduct a swot analysis, explain what marketing you will use, and select a location. 



My group and I decided on creating a hybrid venue named the "Tipsy Bean". The idea of this pop-up shop is that during the day it will be a fully operating coffee shop and sometime in the afternoon it changes into a casual bar experience. Using the knowledge gained on retail management as well as external research we began planning everything that is necessary when opening a new business. Although this was a group effort my roles included writing the following parts; the market offering, the opportunities available for the business, the marketing mix, and the advantages and disadvantages of our chosen location. 



Created a 25-page buisness plan for a fictional hybrid venue created by my team known as the "Tipsy Bean" 

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