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Photoshop Practices

When reviewing my Photoshop practice assignments, I found that I put more effort and time into some than others.

From my Practice #3 assignment, I felt I spent more time on the image of the duck. The homework required that we resemble the ducky playing in water with another one. To achieve this, I used the magnetic lasso tool to copy and paste just the duck without the background. I then flipped the one duck horizontally and selected the background using the magic wand. Using the paint bucket, I filled in the white background with a pattern of grass. To add the water, I found a picture online and used the elliptical marquee tool with 10x feathering to copy and paste it behind the duckies.

My favorite #4 practice was the first one, using the sunflower’s color scheme to make shapes. The assignment’s instructions were “Playing with opacity of colors selected from Sunflower file, make minimum of 5 shapes each in its own layer. Change the bottom layer from Background to layer 0. Create an interesting composition using the circles and squares produced by your marquee and shape tools.” I created a scene of a beach by creating multiple shapes. I started by creating a box, and filling it with a blue gradient color that was seen in the sunflower picture. This shape resembled the water. I then used the lasso tool to create a blob and a tree trunk to look like a small tropical island. I used the magnetic lasso tool to copy and paste a picture of the top of a palm tree. I then placed this shape on top of the tree trunk. To finish the assignment, I used a picture of the sky I found online and made it the background. I also inserted an circular shape using the elliptical marquee tool and feathered it 10x to look like the sun. Most of the colors used came from using the eyedropper tool on the sunflower picture. I enjoyed this work because it reminded me of a child’s work.

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